Current Projects

Embracing my new role as a full-time member of the Education Design Lab Team, I have been excited to contribute to the transformative changes in education at the national level. The Lab’s meaningful work uses human-centered design thinking to develop solutions to educational challenges and bridge pathways into the future of work. As a team-member at the Lab, I have been able to contribute to that mission through the development of strategies, frameworks, and technology platforms.  I act as project manager to implement technology-based solutions, analyze and recommend financial models to support innovation, and facilitate new, exciting applications of Lab designed products in order to answer the difficult questions facing educational organizations today. The expansion and dissemination of the products I am helping develop work toward the Lab’s mission: to impact one million learners by 2025, specifically focusing on creating equity for the “new” traditional student and underrepresented students. For more information about The Lab’s exciting work:

New Leadership Roles

Polk County Career Academy Advisory Board Chair
Public Education Partnership President

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