Talent Pipeline

Connecting student talent to industry needs.

We know that developing a strong talent pipeline is vital when developing a vibrant economy. The K-12 system, technical schools, colleges, and universities all work to educate students for their chosen industries. A shared vision between education and business and industry is necessary to truly alter the conditions that lead to the technical, professional, and foundational skills for success in the workplace. 

NOME creates vital education and economic connections.

I have worked to strengthen this pipeline through leadership of the collective Central Florida Development Council Talent Pipeline Committee and Polk Vision Talent Pipeline Team. I also hold membership in a number organizations working towards this goal, including, Polk Academies, post-secondary/higher education institutions, non-profit organizations, government representatives, industry, business development groups (chambers and EDCs), and community citizens, a tactical plan targeting college access and bridging the education-workplace gap was designed.  Through this work we have seen increased FASFA completion rates; a countywide campaign with materials for parents and students; a shared internship and career placement system implementation; countywide career fair and student employment events; and a process for the Polk Ready to Work micro-credential program addressing the employability skills noted as the most pressing issue facing employers in today’s market. 

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