Faculty Technology Professional Development Model

Empowering Faculty to Utilize the Newest Technologies

Faculty Technology Integration Institute and Innov8 Academy

Some my favorite projects focused on helping faculty to embrace technology and become active researchers in their classrooms. Faculty Technology Integration Institute (FTII) at University of South Florida Lakeland/Polytechnic and Innov8 Academy at Polk State College are two similar faculty development programs that I worked to implement.

Creating a Culture of Scholarship Through Action Research

The programs’ focuses were not only to provide learning opportunities for faculty and staff, but also to create a culture of the scholarship of teaching and learning. Utilizing action research as a guiding structure, these programs provided a supportive guiding process for voluntary participants to learn new technology skills, participate in a community of practice with peers, investigate the success of their classroom, research innovations, and build confidence with technology risk taking.  Additional regarding Innov8 can be found at: Innov8

Dr. Boyer’s Publications and Presentations on Faculty Professional Development Model

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