Global Initiatives

Globalizing Education to Increase Student Opportunity

Globalizing education is vital for students, colleges, and communities. Building a global portfolio of opportunities for colleges and universities requires a multi-faceted approach to benefit students, the community, and diversify institutional revenue sources.  I established education abroad programming and a global studies program that integrated across the curriculum to provide a certificate for students in a vast array of academic specialties.

Facilitating and Nurturing Business and Educational Global Relationships

  In addition, I facilitated collaborative agreements with institutions, exchange students and international student recruitment. While these activities are fairly standard in academic organizations, linking these activities to business and economic development is what makes these programs unique. The nurturing business and student co-travel trips and engaging a community advisory board created unique synergies to optimize industry engagement in the cultivation of global relationships, identification of student funding, and stimulating import-export opportunities.  Additional information about these programs:

Dr. Boyer’s Global Initiatives Publications and Presentations

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